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Who is VUB-philanthropist Mireille Aerens?

The IC-3Rs platform builds on the research activities of the In Vitro Toxicology and Dermato-cosmetology (IVTD) group of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). IVTD constitutes a hub for many promising R&D projects within a broad scientific scope. They all share one common goal, namely an improvement of human health and safety (http://www.ivtd-fafy.be/). A key activity of the department is Developing robust and human-relevant liver-based in vitro models to discriminate between safe and toxic drug candidates, and consequently reduce human exposure to liable products and safety-related drug attrition.  

Photo of Mireille Aerens
Logo of Chair Mireille Aerens • logo by I. Philips, Medusa arts

logo by I. Philips, Medusa arts

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Mireille Aerens is a very friendly person with a warm heart, not only for humans, but also for animals. She decided to donate a part of her wealth to the VUB.  In 2015, she created the ‘Chair Mireille Aerens for the Development of Alternative Methods’ with Vera Rogiers (IVTD) as chairholder. As the dedicated founder of the chair, Mireille Aerens  closely followed up the 3R-research of young scientists. In 2017,  she helped  to launch the IC-3Rs platform at the VUB. 

Mireille sadly left us on 30 March 2020 on the age of 86. We lost a very dear and loyal friend, and will definitely continue her life’s work at the VUB. She made this possible in her last will, wherein she maintained her support for animal-free studies within the research group IVTD. Thanks to her personal engagement, the Mireille Aerens Chair and the IC-3Rs platform will continue and grow for many years to come. This beautiful gesture reflects her attitude to life. We will all remember her exceptional kindness and generosity.

The IC-3Rs platform could be created thanks to Mireille Aerens and the Chair Mireille Aerens for the Development of Alternative methods and the support of the Brussels Region