IC-3Rs • Innovation Centre for 3R Alternatives

3Rs Research

Young researchers are given the possibility to do a doctoral thesis with focus on the replacement and reduction of experimental animals. Topics of research are situated in the Life Sciences (fundamental & applied research) and in the broad field of toxicology of which regulatory toxicology is a part.

Running doctoral theses

Anouck Thienpont

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences - Master of Science in Drug Development 2018 Magna cum laude • Pharmaceutical Sciences - Master of Pharmaceutical Care 2019
  • Passion for the skin and dermato-cosmetic products
Research Output

Alexandra Gatzios

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences - Master of Science in Drug Development 2020 Magna cum laude
  • Fellow strategic basic research at FWO
  • Likes to use creative approaches to answer scientific questions
Research Output

Lorna Marchandise

Research Output
  • New approach methods to improve human health risk assessment of thyroid hormone system disruption–a PARC project, Frontiers in toxicology, 2023 (review article)
  • JRC Summer School on Non-animal Approaches in Science 2023, Development of a human stem cell-based in vitro model to assess toxicity hazards induced by thyroid hormone system disruptors during the early phases of liver development.

Completed doctoral theses

completed doctoral theses

Joost Boeckmans

Research Output
  • Bi-annual PhD-thesis award of the Belgian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) 2020-2021
  • Best Poster prize at the “BelTox/IC-3Rs/INVITROM Joint Symposium” 2019 [Brussels, Belgium]
  • Best poster prize at the “Global NASH Congress” 2019 [London, United Kingdom]

Alessandra Natale

Research Output
  • Technological advancements for the development of stem cell- based models for hepatotoxicity testing. Archives of Toxicology, 2019 (review article, 1st author)
  • Hepatic cells derived from human skin progenitors show a typical phospholipidotic response upon exposure to amiodarone. Toxicology Letters, 2018 (review article, 1st author)

Running postdoctoral project

Yoni Baert

Research Output
  • Total publications: 27 - First author: 8; co-author: 9; last author: 5; book chapter: 1, book protocol chapters: 3 (+ 3 submitted)
  • Several Grants and Prizes (National and international)

Robim Rodrigues

  • BSc Chemistry - MSc Biotechnology - PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Investigation of adipose tissue-derived factors in the development and resolution of metabolic-associated steatohepatitis (MASH) using in vitro models