IC-3Rs • Innovation Centre for 3R Alternatives

7th IC-3Rs Symposium 2024


The 7th Symposium of the Innovation Centre for 3R alternative methods (IC-3Rs) entitled: "Reduction and Refinement challenges in 3Rs research" will take place on the 19th of September at the Health Campus VUB in Jette.

In several  of the previous  Annual IC-3R Symposia, attention was going to the development and application of one of the 3Rs, namely Replacement. This year, focus will be on the other two Rs, Reduction and Refinement. We would like to raise awareness with respect to three topics for which information is rather limited and some remediation seems possible.

Indeed, on a daily basis, researchers face various challenges in animal experimentation:

  • Not all animals, bred for research, are used in their experiments. What should be done with these surplus animals? Can the huge number of overproduction, seen in all Member States, be reduced? Or is this just an illusion?
  • Pain scoring in rodents is well-documented and standardization efforts are ongoing, but how can we effectively implement it for non-rodents, such as poultry? Any ideas?
  • When animal experiments are needed, these are often only carried out with male animals. Should we include both male and female animals in our research? And how might this affect our experimental design statistically?

To tackle these pressing issues, we have invited national and international speakers. Following their presentations, a few case studies will be used to  open the discussion among representatives from the Ethical Committees on Experimental Animals of a number of Belgian universities and the audience.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to actively engage in these discussions and contribute in addressing these important concerns. We look forward to seeing you all on the 19th of September!



You are kindly invited to submit your abstract for a poster presentation at the 7th Annual IC-3Rs Symposium 2024. Posters will be displayed during the coffee and lunch break.

Abstract topics should focus on the 3Rs Principle in its broadest sense:

  • Reduction and Refinement techniques, ethical considerations, legislative aspects…
  • Drug development and research, toxicology, risk assessment, …
  • Alternative methods and New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) (such as organoids, spheroids, organ-on-chip, in silico modelling, omics, NGRA …)

All abstracts accepted for a poster presentation will be published in the booklet of the Symposium.

Attendees who submit an abstract are entitled to a reduced registration fee (€15) for the Symposium. Please indicate it when registering for the event.



Young scientists who submit an abstract will compete for the best poster presentation (250€). Anyone working in the field of 3Rs is free to submit an abstract, but only master students, PhD students and postdocs are eligible for the competition.

All attendees are invited to vote for their favourite poster. A QR code to the voting form will be available onsite and in the Symposium booklet. The poster award will be attributed at the end of the Symposium.


 Prepare your abstract (approximatively 2.000 characters) using the following template
 Send your abstract by 31/07/2024 to abstracts@ic-3rs.org
 After the deadline, we will inform you if your abstract is accepted for a poster presentation
 Don’t forget to bring your poster in A0 (841 x 1189 mm) portrait format at the Symposium. Attachment materials will be provided for you.

If you have any questions regarding the call for abstracts, please contact us via abstracts@ic-3r.org

Call for Abstracts IC-3Rs Symposium

Deadline: 01/09/2022

All submitted abstracts will be published in the special Symposium 2022 booklet and the video pitches will be posted on the IC-3Rs website and social media, with your agreement.

Poster viewing and voting will be organized during the walking lunch of the Symposium.


All attendees are invited to vote for their favorite poster. A QR code to the voting form will be available onsite and in the Symposium booklet.

The winners of the prize will be announced during the award ceremony and are expected to give a short pitch presentation.